Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post-TRAM Reflections

I’m back in DC, and feeling reflective, as usual. I think that I, like Andrea, am in a bit of a post-TRAM funk. I miss being on vacation, of course, but mostly miss my friends and family and the cornfields of Minnesota and my bike and the whole TRAM scene. I figure that a little blog closure might be in order. 

First, I need to say that the best part of this whole TRAM experience has been how great my family has been throughout, and how excited they were. Examples of super-sweet things my parents did for me: they gave me tons of biking tips, found me a tent (which mom practiced setting up and then taught me), mailed me necessary gear like gloves and an air pump, hosted all my friends in their house on TRAM Sunday, and came to visit me on several nights, offering MUCH encouragement. They were simply amazing. My sister was also great, sending me the most stupendous and useful care package of all time, and generally offering her support throughout the process. She’s also expressed interest in getting involved next year—doing rest stop support or something like that. YEAH, sister!! And the greatest part was that my family (especially my mom!), and Jeff’s family, really helped remind me of why we rode TRAM in the first place, and I was thankful to be able to keep that in my mind all week. 

Second, the main reason the week was a total blast was because my riding companions—Andrea, Min, Jeff, and Aunt Donna—and Aunt Diane, our support driver, are some of the most entertaining and wonderful people on the planet. They are also endlessly positive, which is critical. Or, better yet, when they are NOT feeling positive, they are willing to joke good-naturedly about our shared trials and tribulations. Seriously, you guys are the BEST. And I need to give special thanks to Donna and Diane for coming out of TRAM retirement to share many of their lessons learned with us. Donna says we’re veterans now and can do it on our own from now on, but who would ever want to?? My aunties are SO FUN. 

Finally, I am thrilled to report that I’m now officially hooked on biking. I mean it. My bike is in Minnesota waiting to be broken into tiny pieces again and then shipped to me (thanks, Bryan and Dad!!), and I already can’t wait to get it back. I’m starting to look at longer, hillier routes around DC to tackle in upcoming weekends, and wondering if I should try to put skinnier/lighter wheels and tires on my beloved Surly, and looking at stuff online to figure out how I can learn to get better at climbing hills, and trying to find a cycling club around here. And of course I’m already planning for next year’s TRAM—which I signed up for last Thursday night! Watch out, everybody, because I’m going to start recruiting for a team in January. Start tuning up your bikes, people, and definitely invest in some spandex!  

Thanks, everyone, for all your support and encouragement. I could not be happier with my first TRAM. See you in 2010!

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