Friday, July 31, 2009

300 Miles Down, 0 to Go

We did it, y'all, we did it.
Exhaustion is setting in, so rather that draft a series of eloquent paragraphs, I think I'll leave you with some context-free quotes from Mindy.  You should be able to get a feel for what kind of day I had.  So in no particular order, here's what I heard from Mindy while out on the road today:
- "My diaper is wet."
- "How many more miles left?"
- "I thought you said there weren't any more hills."
- "Shut your mouth!"
- "Now how many more miles left?"
- "No, I did not just fart!  That was a skunk."
- "Did you forget about me back there, Lance?"
- "This has been pretty awesome."
- "Now how many more miles left?"
- "We did it!"
And before I sign off, I do want to give a special "shout out" to the five amazing women who shared the TRAM experience with me.  Andrea, Diane, Donna, Mindy, and Steff: thanks for letting me join your sorority...and thanks for limiting your conversations about menstrual cycles to just one.  :-)  I know I'll remember this week for the rest of my life.

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