Monday, July 20, 2009

Best Biking Accessory EVER

Everyone, I have purchased the BEST biking accessory ever: a CamelBak hydration pack. Behold:

This thing has seriously changed my life. See, you fill it up with ice water and strap it to your back, and then that little blue hose sits up near your face so that you can drink whenever you want. I am thinking of wearing it everywhere: to work, while walking my dog, maybe even while sleeping. I am obsessed with hydration. 100% obsessed. I actually get just a little bit happier every time I take a big swig of ice cold water from this bad boy. It is fantastic. Everyone should have one. Including you! Go get one now!
PS. Dear CamelBak, I would gladly accept any offers you might want to put forth for me to be your new spokesperson. I think most professional athletes are pretty busy, and as it turns out, I am not, so I have lots of time to tell everyone how great these things are. Call me.

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