Thursday, July 9, 2009

Various Observations

Since I have not ridden my bike in far too long, I have no fun stories to share from any time in the recent past. So I decided to share some various observations and thoughts that I have gathered over the last few months.

1) Roughly 90% of the men who ride on the Munger trail sport a mustache. I feel like I don't run into that high of a percentage of men with mustaches in my daily life. Where do all of these men live and work? And which came first, the mustache or the biking?

2) Hills feel so much bigger when using my body to get up them rather than my usual preferred method of transportation: the car. The car with the leather bucket seats that comfortably support all of my rear end.

3) Riding is so much easier with a good friend along. Someone who will listen to my made up songs about gin and tonics and any other random topics that I just might want to compose songs for. Someone who understands when I have to stop to adjust my diaper shorts. And the gossip. That helps A LOT! I am certainly looking forward to riding with 2 good friends and one of their boyfriends whom I am sure I will like. As long as he laughs at my songs.

4) Going back to Number 2, I now find myself thinking about biking more places. What the What?! Duluth has hills, lots and lots of big hills. And very few bike friendly roads as far as I can tell. I fight these thoughts of pedaling with very little energy. I think it could be fun to ride somewhere. As long as someone can bring me back up the hill.

5) I tend to get myself in a little too deep, bite off a little more than I can chew. 17 days away from a 300 mile ride! Again I say, What the What?! If only bike trailers were allowed on this ride. I'm sure there would be some manly-man out there who would love to tow me while I read novels and sing songs. I would be so encouraging and not a bike-trailer driver at all. I'd say things like, "Wow! Look at your calf muscles! They are beautiful. They'll be even more beautiful if you go a bit faster and give me a bit more of a breeze. Keep up the good work!" and, "Would it help if I dumped out this jug of gin and tonic? What if it were only a half gallon jug? Do you want to share it? I suppose you could have a sip at the next rest stop if there's any left." I'm pretty much like a life-coach and professional encourager.

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