Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh, Beautiful Lake Superior

I have been pretty ho-hum about my training. I am a procrastinator by nature. I was this way in middle school, high school, college, and now follow the same patterns in work and parenting. It usually works just fine for me, although my darling husband, Erin, may say otherwise.

I am quickly realizing that procrastination will not work for this biking situation I have gotten myself into. Procrastination is obviously my Enemy #1, but I have found another enemy, one cloaked in the beauty of water and rocks.

I've done some rides, but no more than 30 miles at one time. I would like to argue that the 26 mile ride along the Scenic Highway from Duluth to Two Harbors counts as AT LEAST 35 miles. It was hilly. It was windy. It was no fun at all. My only inspirations were the well-defined calf muscles my riding partner sports. I thoroughly enjoyed drafting off of him and thinking about what my calves could look like if I were to ride my bike a little more.

I also did a 15 mile ride along Lake Superior from Judge Magney State Park to our hotel in Grand Marais. From the car it looked like it would be a beautiful ride. The lake on my left, wild flowers in the ditches to my right. However, I feel like the Lake might have something against me. Could it really have been all up hill? And could the wind be blowing very forcefully against me the whole way? Oh, and thank you, Lake, for the wonderful drizzle. I really needed that to cool off in the 50-ish degree weather. Also, could any of you who may walk your dogs on this stretch of the highway please pick up any doody your precious animals may leave? It distracts me from hating the Lake so much, something I need to devote all of my energy to.

I finished both of these rides along the beautiful Lake Gitchi Gummi and felt like a better person for it. But I am so grateful for the TRAM Ride being nowhere near this lake that hates me.

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  1. AWESOME blog my dear...
    Really the lake loves you and is just being hard on you so that the TRAM seems easy by comparison! It's a little known training technique that really works!
    It is also a freak of nature that everytime a Duluthian gets on a bike, that cyclist will be riding against the wind BOTH ways.
    Keep putting those miles in, Kandi


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