Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dispatch From Tent City, Night Four

I am writing in the dark, from my tent, trying to avoid the weird neighbor guy next door who keeps trying to engage me in exceedingly awkward and tricky political conversations. Tonight Andrea the Hammer and I checked out the announcements and watched the team competition like the diligent TRAM participants we are, and now I am crashing early instead of going to find the cool kids to hang out. I am tiiiiiired. I think I have already almost nodded off eleven times while writing this. I do not think I would be the life of the party right about now.

SO, I haven't blogged much because my phone keeps dying but have had an amazing time. I do not think tomorrow's ride will be easy (actually, let's get real: my legs might fall off half way up the first hill, people) but I also think that will make it much more rewarding to finish. I am hoping that adrenaline will help out tomorrow, or if not that, then I may have my Aunt Diane (our awesome support driver) funnel handfuls of Advil into my mouth at rest stops. And I am sure that Hammer and my Aunt Donna--tomorrow's riding partners--will help me get through by being the charming, thought-provoking, hill-charging, occasionally-foul-mouthed ladies they usually are. (By the way, the Aunties need more shout outs when I blog more from home. They were SO GREAT all week and I could not have done this without them.)

Alrighty, I need to sign off so I can get up at 5:15 and put on those godforsaken bike shorts one last time in the morning. Will write more when I have finally conquered TRAM and have regained my ability to think straight!

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  1. You are most amazing and I can't wait to hear more...Liz and I are obssessed with the blog and wish you were coming to Duluth!


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