Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Shorts

I finally did it. With very few days left until the TRAM ride begins, I bought 2 new pairs of fancy biking shorts. That's right: I can now ride 2 days in a row without feeling disgusting. And, unlike my first experience of writhing my way into diaper shorts, I now find them strangely comfortable. I had to do a reality check, however, when, for the briefest of moments, I started to think that maybe I would wear these shiny black and skin tight beauties without shorts over them. No one, save my husband, has EVER seen me in the butt-savers without a baggier layer over them. In addition to the skin tight version, I also bought a pair of the new fangled shorts with a built in baggy layer on top, which I am unsure about because I think the material may make a little too much of a swishing noise when I pedal.

My first time in a changing room with shiny black shorts was humiliating. I giggled my whole way through it. Much like my wedding, but for very different reasons. My husband I love dearly. Skin tight anything I despise. I tend to giggle when nervous, uncomfortable, or extremely happy. For the record, I giggled at my wedding due to extreme happiness. I giggled in the dressing room with the bike shorts because I could now become one of those people in really tight clothes sitting on a seat not much bigger than the handle end of a baseball bat that I have consistently mocked from the safety of my own car with rolled up windows. 

And then there's the super helpful guy at my local bike store of choice who helped me find these new butt pads. He helped me figure out how to get in and out of my brand new clip in pedals. They're not really new. Erin gave them to me for Mother's Day (please refer to earlier posts about my procrastination habit). I'm still pretty sure someone will be injured by me while I try to look so cool with my fancy shoes and pedals. I apologize in advance for this. Everyone should be so lucky to have a dude like this bike guy to go to for help. He really is a dude. A jock even. He biked 40 miles against the wind just for the fun of it. He could have driven, but no. He rode. And then he canoed when he got done with his 40 mile ride. 

Really?! I'm doing this ride a bike thing because there's no way I could say no to Steff. She's adorable and wonderful and an all around great lady. And then there's Mindy, who is all of those qualities as well. Put the two together and of course I'm going to ride across the flipping state. In my fancy new shorts and shoes and gloves on my finely tuned machine (thank you, dude at the bike shop) with a smile on my sweaty face and a song in my over-worked heart.

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  1. Andrea, I bet you look fantastic in your bike shorts. And just so you know, I'll be rocking the real-deal tight bike shorts. You're going to have five days to check out exactly what my butt looks like, in DETAIL.

    Good luck with the pedals! They're fun...after they stop sucking. Xoxo


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